Let's go for cherry blossom viewing cycling this spring!

COLUMNS | 2020.03.19
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Let's go for cherry blossom viewing cycling this spring!

Place where, of course, cycling course is excellent at access as for the charm of PLAYatré Tsuchiura right in front!

We can appear in cycling course of 180km in total length immediately.

When beginner hears with 180km in total length; a little feeling embarrassed

May come, but way of enjoying Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road is each person!

We will introduce recommended cherry blossom viewing cycling at coming time!


Around PLAYatré Tsuchiura famous spot for its cherry blossoms in each place!


As expected of flower of Tsuchiura-shi being called "cherry blossoms,"

There are around station and cherry blossom viewing spot where there is many on the road tinklingly.


Kijo Park (1-1348, Chuo, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki)


One of the symbols of historical Tsuchiura-shi considered to be construction of a castle in the Eikyo year (1429-40) of the Muromachi era.

Because a castle among moats looked like tortoise appearing on the water, it is called another name "tortoise castle",

Cherry blossoms are in full glory to surround park in season of cherry blossom viewing.

Access is outstanding for 1km from pre-atre Tsuchiura, too!

The details of Kijo Park are this!



[Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road] Fujisawa rest stations


We leave PLAYatré Tsuchiura and begin to run through lord tinklingly and arrive at about 10km around Fujisawa rest station.

For cycling road which maintained abolished line trace of former Tsukuba railroad, and was made tinklingly on the road

Rows of cherry blossom trees scatter and can run at the time of full bloom in tunnel of cherry blossoms!

It is area where is popular as photospot♪



Sakuragawa riverbed


We drift to the Tsuchiura city, and Sakuragawa leading to Kasumigaura is recommended as cherry blossom viewing spot.

While as canola flower blooms in riverbed, enjoying flower as well as cherry blossoms variously

You can enjoy walk and cycling.

We can go to visit from PLAYatré Tsuchiura in slight time including before hotel accommodation because it is close.



In addition, a large number of cherry blossom viewing spots are in Tsuchiura-shi.

How about enjoying cherry blossoms circulation of Tsuchiura by cycling in this spring?


▶Cherry blossom viewing spot information in the city


WEB reservation beforehand as for the rent-a-bicycle!



Rent-a-bicycle of time of cherry blossom viewing is crowded very much.

Do not forget advance reservations of Renta bike if we make plan!

Rent-a-bicycle of le.cyc can make a reservation of car model you like by designation.

How about trying the bodies of manufacturer where we have not usually taken line?


≪Of Renta bike making a reservation is this≫




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