Let's enjoy trip with favorite car!

COLUMNS | 2020.03.19
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Let's enjoy trip with favorite car!

"Trip with favorite car" that has felt that anyone wanted to experience bicyclephilia once.

We put favorite car near at all times and enjoy cycling while traveling. Though such a trip wants to make, it does not readily come true…

There may be many such people.

Cycling hotel "Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura" granting such a dream in PLAYatré Tsuchiura is born!

We will introduce how to use comfortable hotel with casual.


We get out of the saic in cycle with favorite car

Of course carry-on of bicycle OK's BEB5 Tsuchiura!

As well as lobby, carry-on is possible in guest room floor.



We want to leave nearer. gaii same in room as favorite car!

Cycle room is recommended to such a person.

We can hang bicycle to rack of room wall.

Please spend relaxing time while looking at favorite car.


Let's enjoy favorite time in TAMARIBA!



Cafe lounge called popular name "TAMARIBA" is in lobby.

In TAMARIBA, we have a pleasant chat through friend and play a game and eat and drink and…

We have sometimes favorite how to spend.

As for there being bicycle-related book a lot, and picture concerning bicycle flowing with display!

As TAMARIBA is available 24 hours, "spend time through friend noisily into the night"; as for the thing

Of trip may think.


≪Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura HP≫



Let's go to neighboring tourist attractions for cycling!



It is point that can enjoy cycling even if we do not do carry-on of bicycle!

We can enjoy cycling empty-handed if we use Renta bike of 1F le.cyc.

As for the sports bike (E-bike) with assistant player electric let alone cross bike road bike

We offer a lot.

Tourist attractions scatter in the outskirts, too! Please enjoy sightseeing around Tsuchiura, Kasumigaura by cycling.


≪Neighboring sightseeing information is this≫


≪Of le.cyc rent-a-bicycle making a reservation is this≫





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