How to spend Cycling Resort, cycling resort PLAYatré Tsuchiura

COLUMNS | 2020.03.20
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How to spend Cycling Resort, cycling resort PLAYatré Tsuchiura

It is a minimum period of 49 minutes by train from pahonkaku Tokyo. "PLAYatré Tsuchiura" that was opened in 2018 as cycling specialization type facility of station direct connection.

It is about two years from the first opening of March, 2018. We reached grand opening on March 19, 2019!

We introduce way of enjoying, how to spend PLAYatré Tsuchiura this time.

You check before outing, and please fully enjoy cycling of Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road!




Zone where B1F/1F kept function to enjoy cycling.

We can satisfy every needs if we drop in at this zone before and after cycling.

In this zone, there are drugstore and convenience store in the collaboration cycle cafe "Tully's Coffee" which we did others with bicycle shop "le.cyc" and popular bicycle maker "Bianchi" fully equipped with about 100 Renta bike.

Assembling of maintenance and packing before departure, please utilize free space before le.cyc!

Point that it is glad to be able to enjoy cycling in agile state as we are fully equipped with shower locker in B1F♪





There are western dishes restaurant, cafe, Chinese restaurant in restaurant zone "STATION LOBBY" largest in area.

Not only energy charge before and after cycling but also work return and the use as "place of fine weather" with friend are recommended!

As 2F nanairoitoattohomu offers a la carte dishes dadenaku, party plan, it is available in various scenes.

Room collar welcomes with child warmly! Meal "has thing while letting" child play as we are fully equipped with kids space.

It is good place to let foot which cyclist was tired from take a rest.

Chinese restaurant offers today's lunch which is the volume perfect score.

We can enjoy liquor at night while tasting authentic Chinese food.






In BOOK&TABLE, popular shops of Ibaraki gather. Procurement of supplementary lunch is perfect if we drop in here!

Stores specializing in grilled bekari, gong specialty store, baked potatoes gather, shop where is all quite popular in Ibaraki.

As there is bookstore other than foods shop, there is thing in break "a little while doing" reading.

In store specializing in local sake of IBARAK, we hit corner as well as sale and can enjoy local sake of Ibaraki in format! It is recommended on work return and holiday.

It is area where is good to not only the purchase of Ibaraki souvenir but also daily you♪





"Trip with favorite car" that anyone of bicycle enthusiast dreams of. That comes true in PLAYatré Tsuchiura!

That which same ga as favorite car has realized while traveling for 24 hours hotel is "Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura".

Not only carry-on of bicycle is OK, but also can bring into the guest room to some guest rooms in hotel.

Please enjoy trip with favorite car to one's heart's content!

≪Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura HP≫



Please enjoy Cycling Resort, cycling resort PLAYatré to one's heart's content.


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