Introduction of each PLAYatré shop recommended samadh link

COLUMNS | 2020.07.10
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Introduction of each PLAYatré shop recommended samadh link

Passing of the rainy season was still former state, but hot days increased. We have forecast with intense heat in this summer, and it is expected that it becomes hotter and hotter in future. Does physical condition not include change, everybody? We introduce special samadh link of each PLAYatré shop to recommend this time on such a hot day! Please find one cup of favorite♪



In surojiettokohi, two kinds of recommended drinks come up!


①Banana juice

Banana juice such as smoothie using rare banana from Ecuador and discerning milk. In sugar nonuse, we can taste banana original sweetness abundantly.

*no banana: We use banana for a good about 1.5! 450 yen (tax-included)

Milky banana: As it is the banana about one duty, we can drink lightly. 400 yen (tax-included)

As for the banana juice, topping is satisfying, too! It is up to you what you have topping of! How about being used to taste favorite? It is recommended to energy charge before cycling!



②Watermelon squash 450 yen (tax-included)

Both appearance and taste are watermelon itself! It is new product without difference between feeling summer if we see. Green part of drink divided into 2-layer is jelly of watermelon taste. As for the red part, ginger ale is mixed in watermelon juice. We are good though we just drink! We are good though we mix and change taste! It is a certain refreshment drink quenching thirst.


Both limit in the summer. Please try early as soon as you disappear as it is the end.



2F Nanairo Eat at home!

From Nanairo Eat at home!, cool gelee juice appears in appearance!


* Gelee juice 300 yen (tax-included)

At first, please choose gelee you like from colorful fruit gelee such as peach pine, citrus fruit. Completion of custom gelee drink which is colorful if we have you choose thing you like from several kinds such as tonic water orange juice with drink to pour next! Please enjoy gelee and collaboration of juice. How about trying various taste for feeling of the day?



1F Tully's Coffee

Refreshing drink to be able to enjoy summer for a limited time comes up from Tully's Coffee!


①remonsuwakuru Tall in nata de coco & Seto: 638 yen (tax-included)

Refreshing frozen drink using lemon fruit juice in Seto. It is played topping topping with citreous nata de coco sauce that texture is fun. Appearance is good product in cool summer, too!


②Grapefruit separate tea Tall: 484 yen (tax-included)

Fruit tea full of a feeling of fruit that color with Earl Grey tea that refreshing grapefruit fruit juice and bergamot are fragrant is beautiful. Please enjoy with fresh and young texture of grapefruit flesh. It is special dish of refreshing taste that is good in hot summer.


Please enjoy one summer push drink of each PLAYatré shop at this opportunity!


※Price is all tax-included (10%) notation.

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