Cycling resort,
Cycling resort

We added cycling hotel "Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura" as the fourth opening newly, and "PLAYatréTSUCHIURA" which opened cycling in start point of cycling course "Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road" of 180km in total length the first as base camp to enjoy on March 29, 2018 made its grand opening in all facilities on March 19, 2020.

There is "PLAYatréTSUCHIURA" from Tokyo in location that is good access called station direct connection by train for a minimum period of 49 minutes and is doorway from metropolitan area of one of the best cycling course "Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road" in Japan having comfortable natural environments such as Lake Kasumigaura or Mount Tsukuba. We suggest active resort life that accorded with different modern life value to concept through cycling with conventional resort experience in "cycling trip - of 180km that PEDALING RESORT- is very near". It is in the domestic largest cycling specialization facility which the hall is available for carry-on of bicycle, and satisfies needs of every cyclist from maintenance to accommodation function.




For Lake Kasumigaura cycling
Substantial base camp.
Convenient shops near station!

Floor map

1st OPEN

BIKE BASE RingRing Square Tsuchiura

It is new attempt of the public-private united local Creation that Ibaraki sets up as Cycling Resort, cycling base and atre manages and runs. We offer service for cyclists by one stop and suggest a great variety of cycling life from daily life to sports, trip. In addition, we provide local tourist attraction, seasonal information about way of enjoying cycling and towns including notice of cycling course.

2nd OPEN!


From passing station to station where it becomes purpose to spend time. "STATION LOBBY" where relaxation and study biga fuse with meal in 2 floor about 400 tsubos where area becomes largest is born. It renovates cafe, restaurant, Chinese stands, cooking studio, photo studio, the scene of meal of Tsuchiura Station including co-working space. We send "meal and living are a pleasure" which is full of variety to be able to taste only here.

3rd OPEN!


A new type of market zone that put popular foods shop and bookshop of local Ibaraki together opens! Discerning shop which conveys the much-talked-about experience-based bookshop "House of sky wolf bookstore" and bakery, good point of Ibaraki including sweets shop to one. Please use with TO GO or EAT IN, favorite style!

4th OPEN

CYCLING HOTEL Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura

We want to enjoy trip with favorite car more. We want to enjoy relaxed space slowly. Comfortable hotel was born with casual to grant such a wish! It is new resort of way of enjoying infinity to be able to go as soon as it is good and thought of access from the downtown area.

Hoshino resort BEB5