Period: 2020.09.18 - 2020.11.30

YowamushiPedal digital stamp rally walk & ride in Ibaraki

EVENTS | 2020.09.29
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YowamushiPedal digital stamp rally walk & ride in Ibaraki

Decision held in South Ibaraki digital stamp rally!

When charm makes a round trip of much Ibaraki with smartphone, including National cycle route "Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road", you can get original clear file and AR photo frame and present gorgeousness premium which is hot for cyclist including road bike by lot! There is plan to be able to get original goods when you use PLAYatré Tsuchiura.

2020/from Friday, September 18 to Monday, November 30


Each Ibaraki spot including PLAYatré Tsuchiura


[stamp rally clear privilege]

■Five stamps: Original clear file (the first arrival)
※You can exchange in PLAYatré 1F, Tsuchiura le.cyc Tsuchiura.
※As present has a limit to number, it should be finished as soon as it disappears.

■Ten stamps: Cycling wear (application, lottery)

■15 stamps: Road bike (application, lottery)



※Available terminal becomes Chrome browsers) iPhone (Safari browsers iOS 12.0 or more), Android(Android OS 6.0 or more.

※Please read instructions of campaign site by all means.

※Data are cleared when they delete cash.

※The use removes private mode of browser, and please use iPhone.

※When reading of positional information does not go well, please try once again after having cut Wi-Fi.

※We may need time for reading of positional information. You take a pause, and please try once again.


[reference about this campaign]

PLAYatré Tsuchiura TEL: 029-835-3000 (excluded on reception desk 10:00-18:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


We are going to be released on September 18!
[in YowamushiPedal digital stamp rally walk & ride in Ibaraki special page this]

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