FACILITY facility

  • Renal bike

    PLAYatré Tsuchiura renal bike

    Using "HELLO CYCLING" (exclusive free application), you can use renal bike from unmanned station installed in B1F casually.
    It is most suitable for early morning and midnight toward the hope by rental for a long time.
    Subscribing (free) is necessary for the use downloading of application of "HELLO CYCLING".

    bicycle model Cross bike/mini-vero/train movement assist bicycle

    The use time 5:00-25:00 (※ 1)
    Charge 200 yen/15 minutes (※ 2) (※ 3)
    Setting place B1F "RingRing Square Tsuchiura"
    Usage "HELLO CYCLING" (exclusive free application)
    Prior downloading & sign-in
    Downloading is this
    Instructions Please return bicycle which had you borrow in this station to this station by all means. In addition, we demand transportation costs separately when it is returned to other stations.

    ※We cannot return during 1 1:00-5:00.
    ※It is 2 upper limit 3,000 yen (as for every 24 hours).
    ※3 payment methods get rid of various credit cards. Or it becomes only the portable carrier settlement.

    Le.cyc rent-a-bicycle

    Various renal bike is available in 1F "le.cyc Tsuchiura store".
    It is recommended to, to want to see on rare bicycle which wants to challenge sports bike.
    We offer latest model or E-bike (electric assist bicycle of sports type).
    As we offer bicycle for child, the use in families is possible, too.

    bicycle model E-bike/road bike/cross bike/city cycles

    Business hours 10:00-20:00
    The use time 10:30-19:30
    Charge 2,000 yen -(※ 1)
    Setting place 1F "le.cyc Tsuchiura store"
    Usage At le.cyc Tsuchiura store procedure (※ 2) (※ 3)
    Make a reservation We heard on le.cyc homepage.
    Le.cyc homepage is this place
    Inquiry 029-846-3192

    ※It varies according to 1 car model.
    ※We may not meet requirements of 2 rental car models.
    ※Please offer 3 identification cards (driver's license, health insurance card) beforehand.

  • Locker

    64 setting small: 40 University: 24

    Charge Per day Small 400 yen University: 600 yen
    Setting place B1F
  • Shower

    You can use shower, locker room equipped with security.
    Three rooms for each men and women, restroom.

    Charge 300 yen/one time
    Setting place B1F
  • Locker room

    Before and after cycling, please use ,for changing.

    Charge Free of charge
    Setting place B1F
  • Bicycle parking lot

    190 bicycle parking space

    Charge We are free of charge until one hour
    Afterwards, it is 110 yen together with ten hours
    Setting place B1F
  • PUDO

    It is rocker whom receipt can make baggage of home delivery into.
    Designation of convenient day, time is possible.
    ※As for the detailed usage, please see PUDO homepage.

    Setting place B1F
  • Free space

    Held space of various events, POP UP stores
    At time, it is usually available as assembling space of bicycle.

  • Restroom

    Setting place: B1F (the shower room)/1F/2F/3F
         Toilet in 2F BOOK&TABLE is osuto
         The use of mate, room entrance with wheelchair
  • ID photo

    Setting place: 1F (the hall outside)
         There is in front of Tsuchiura Station west exit bus stop.
  • ATM

    Setting place: 2F STATION LOBBY
         Mizuho Bank/Seven Bank
  • Smoking area

    Setting place: 1F/3F
  • Diaper exchange room

    Setting place: 2F STATION LOBBY
  • The nursing room

    Setting place: 2F BOOK&TABLE