HOTEL hotel

Comfortable hotel is born with casual for person enjoying cycling and sightseeing casually.
Same ga as bicycle comes true for 24 hours. This is a new type of resort facility where if the people who lives and busily works in the city can visit as soon as they want to go.

  • With 1 bicycle! We get out of the cycle in cycle

    There are check-in "cycle in" and check-out "cycle out" with bicycle. Even if a space the hall of design to have parades with bicycle, there is no stress!

  • We can spend time until 2 morning! Public space "TAMARIBA" of 24 hours opening

    Industrial atmosphere that colorful bicycle and gear were displayed enlivens "ring stay". Comfortable music, screen, library, cafe and ways of enjoying Riki Osako are varied! You can spend finding favorite sofa and table as it is OK including durability of eating and drinking in a relaxed mood.

  • 3 guest rooms

    Guest room which is functional although being compact is three types of "cycle room" "yagurarumu" "hobby room". We put bath and toilet, tatami mat which can spend time for leaving open barefoot and do in all rooms.
    ※Both "yagurarumu" "hobby room" room types can stop favorite car in front of the entrance of guest room.
    • Cycle room

      "Cycle room"

      We can bring in bicycle to the inside of room.
      Point that is glad that "favorite car" is always felt as it comprises bicycle rack in wall surface.

    • yagurarumu


      Bed, the lower berth are structures like secret base called sofa the upper section.
      Please spend time at will relaxedly in extensive space.

    • Double room

      "Double room"

      It is recommended to simple favorite you.
      Desk is fully equipped with by big sofa and double bed, too. Single use is possible, too.