RENTAL BIKE renal bike

You can use various Renta bike in PLAYatré Tsuchiura.
Please choose to the use purpose and use of customer.

We want to get on right now! We want to challenge sports bike! We want to see on rare bicycle We want to challenge sports bike! We want to see on rare bicycle

Le.cyc rent-a-bicycle

Latest model and rare E-bike prepare!


You can use sports bike of the latest model of each maker easily. Please enjoy cycling with the body which maintenance was made well only in cycle shop. As there is rental of glove helmet, it is OK empty-handed!
We heard to making a former reservation for two months.

The use time10:30-19:30
Charge (tax-included)Cross bike 3,000 yen
Road bike 3,500 yen
City cycle 2,000 yen
Rental, return place1F le.cyc


  • Of le.cyc
    WEB is reserved from homepage

  • We register at store on use daily allowance day

  • We start on cycling!

Making a reservation is this
We want to borrow at early morning and midnight We want to rent for a long time

Hello cycling

It is easy by exclusive application registration! Unmanned rental!


We recommend the, several days that we want to take advantage of early in the morning consecutive use toward the hope! It is available immediately if we download application of smartphone. As the staff of cycle shop maintains the body, it is unmanned and is available in peace.

※Please return bicycle which had you borrow in this station to this station by all means. In addition, we demand transportation costs separately when it is returned to other stations.

The use time5:00-25:00
(as for 1:00-4:00, impossible rental, return)
Charge (tax-included) 200/15 yen share upper limit 3,000 yen (as for every 24 hours)
Rental, return placeB1F RingRing Square Tsuchiura


  • Hello cycling
    We download application

  • In the field on the use day on that day
    Choice, reservation of the use car model

  • Input password
    We start on cycling!

Application downloading
Rental place and return place are OK separately We want to go around wide range where we want to borrow bicycle for youths from We want to go around wide range where we want to borrow bicycle for youths from

Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road
Wide area rent-a-bicycle

We drop off and are possible! The use comfortable by advance reservations!

By cooperation of Ibaraki and vicinity of Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road eight municipality, we perform wide area rent-a-bicycle. By trains, rental, return of bicycle is possible empty-handed everywhere in from arrival, facility of ten prefecture.

The use time9:00-16:00
Charge (tax-included)Road bike 2,000 yen
Rental, return placeTen places in Ibaraki


  • Within three days before the use
    Of Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road
    WEB is reserved from homepage

  • Use daily allowance day
    We use at designated place and go through the procedure

  • We repay to designated place

It is road HP tinklingly

To enjoy cycling


・Please refer to each homepage for the details of each Renta bike.


What kind of appearance should Q clothes go with?
If it is mobile appearance, there is not problem with appearance you like.
Woman recommends underwear-style.
When when get on with Q flat, do; how?
We ask for own strength recovery in you. Please use support station scattering in Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road or cycle shop of neighborhood. As inquiry windows are different, please be careful for each Renta bike having you borrow.
Is Q reservation necessary?
Making a prior reservation needs "le.cyc rent-a-bicycle" and "Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road wide area rent-a-bicycle". For details, please see each homepage.
On the day, about hello cycling, please choose car model locally. We will recommend that we download application of smartphone beforehand.
What is Q Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road?
It is cycling course of about 180km in total length that put part which was former Tsukuba railroad track and Lake Kasumigaura shores together.
It is cycling road which was chosen as one of cycling road "National cycle route" on behalf of Japan.
We are going to do one lap of Q Lake Kasumigaura, how long does it take time?
When one lap of Lake Kasumigaura, popular name kasuichi are short courses crossing Lake Kasumigaura Ohashi that is in Hubei; about 90km. It becomes course of about 140km in long course when it does not pass. It is thought whether approximately seven hours are common as for the indication of short in four hours, of beginner in early. For more details, ask at le.cyc store.
Is Q helmet duty?
Wearing is strongly simply recommended by law, but we are surprised at jumping out of animal and, around Tsuchiura Station full of nature, fall down and are often hurt. We would appreciate your wearing for security as much as possible.
Is there Q map?
We introduce various courses when you use smartphone application of PLAYatré Tsuchiura.
In addition, we distribute some sightseeing maps to le.cyc store free. Take freely.
Is there rental of Q helmet glove?
We loan in le.cyc. (tax-included ¥500)