Ride & Trip! 9/18fri → A time when we are excited in 11/30mon Cycling Resort, cycling resort "PLAYatré Tsuchiura." Ride & Trip! 9/18fri → A time when we are excited in 11/30mon Cycling Resort, cycling resort "PLAYatré Tsuchiura."
special event

YowamushiPedal digital stamp rally
Walk & ride in Ibaraki

YowamushiPedal digital stamp rally walk & ride in Ibaraki image image

Let's make a round trip of area in Ibaraki with character of TV animation "YowamushiPedal"! We make a round trip of Ibaraki area with smartphone and, including "Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road", get original item.

Period: From Friday, September 18 to Wednesday, November 30
Place: Each Ibaraki spot including PLAYatré Tsuchiura


Virtual cycling

Virtual cycling challenge image image Virtual cycling challenge image image

In virtual ride application Kinomap, let's enjoy Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road! At special booth and home of PLAYatré Tsuchiura, we can experience attractive cycling course of Ibaraki on online.

Period: From Saturday, September 19 to Monday, November 30
Place: At PLAYatré 2F, Tsuchiura special booth, the online top

Two virtual events!

1. Let's run with guest!
"Virtual cycling"

It can run with guest rider in virtual space! Cycling of Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road is virtual event to be able to enjoy at home while hearing commentary of course and talk of guest through Youtube formula channel of PLAYatré Tsuchiura.

The date: 10/24 Saturday 13:00 start entrance fee: Free of charge
Prior entry system

Guest commentator: Osamu Kurimura /MC: The south Hayato/guest rider: hondembotsuri/guest rider: Atsushi Wakasugi

2. Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road first holding!
"Virtual stage race" opening LIVE ride

It is holding in period for stage race from Sunday, November 8 to Monday, November 30 to compete for total thyme of 3 course of Mount Tsukuba hill climb course, Lake Kasumigaura east bank course, former Tsukuba railroad course. We deliver way of enjoying virtual stage races or reference record of guest with Youtube formula channel of PLAYatré Tsuchiura with opening LIVE ride of Sunday, November 8.

The date: 11/8 Sunday 13:00 start entrance fee: Free of charge

Guest commentator: Osamu Kurimura /MC: Takamichi Kinoshita/special guest: Shinri Suzuki

Post photograph; and is Get! by present

#virtual playatre Instagram contribution campaign
Under "with all efforts virtual ride" recruitment of all!

When we experience virtual cycling challenge during event period and we do soaked in tag and post photograph running with every effort on "#virtual_playatre" or "#playatre_scenes" and Instagram, we present gorgeousness product to one person by lot!


We run with orimpian!
Ride tour for seniors

We run with orimpian! Ride tour image image for seniors

3 course invites former professional road racer Yasutaka Tashiro of Athens Olympics participation as tour guest together.

◆Saturday, October 10 - 11 Sunday skill up camp ride (staying in BEB5 Tsuchiura)
◆10/18 Sunday Mount Tsukuba hill climb ride
◆10/25 Sunday history sight-seeing ride


We go round famous places of Ibaraki!
Ride tour for beginners

We go round famous places of Ibaraki! Ride tour image image for beginners

It is ride tour for beginners who can enjoy sake brewery and gourmet only in Ibaraki in autumn colored leaves season.

◆We stay in BEB5 Tsuchiura on - 7 Saturday on Friday, November 6! Accommodation ride
◆Visit to 11/8 Sunday Inaba brewing ride
◆Gourmet ride autumn on 11/15 Sunday



BIKE & CAMP FES 2020I Madge image

Trip festival that featured the theme of bicycle X camping. Events various until workshop and gourmet booth, the purchase of goods. Accommodation in campsite is OK, too.

Period: From Saturday, October 31 to Sunday, November 1
Place: Tsukuba winery (Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki)


The second Tsukuba Lake Kasumigaura
It is cycling tinklingly

The second Tsukuba Lake Kasumigaura phosphorus phosphorus cycling image image

Fan ride for beginner running a part of "Tsukuba Kasumigaura RingRing Road" as course. Please thoroughly enjoy moderate exercise and delicious food while feeling autumn scenery.

Period: Saturday, November 14
Place: Kawaguchi Sports Park (Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki)


By Go To travel campaign
Trip advantageous casually!

Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura logo

By "GoTo travel campaign" that Japan Tourism Agency promotes, you can use at rate that was largely usually reduced the price of from rate. The hotel charges and method to make a reservation look at Hotel official web site.

The date: Until 2021/Sunday, January 31 ※It is finished as soon as it disappears
Place: Hoshino resort BEB5 Tsuchiura

About cycling in corona evil

It is asked for seven by PLAYatré

With new coronavirus infection spread, we perform going out self-restraint and review of past lifestyle, and it is sought now that we take action to prevent further infection spread. About cycling, is considered to be activity that can evade "3 is dense", but from PLAYatré about cycling in corona evil of seven please.

1.Let's keep solo ride in mind (#RideSolo) 2.We drop in as much as possible, and let's reduce point 3.Let's perform bringing and hydration of supplementary lunch diligently 4.We grasp own physical condition, and let's avoid final training 5.Let's do the appropriate mileage and routing 6.Let's carry mask and surgical spirit 7.Let's respect each way of enjoying

Convergence and each of speedy situation hope that day to be able to enjoy cycling without reserve comes again. We would like minasamanoko cooperation. ※Match these contents with local characteristic based on information announced by the government and various groups, and is with PLAYatré contents sending originally; remasu.

Request to customer for the infectious disease prevention

Please cooperate with wearing of mask and a cough etiquette at the time of entering a shop. Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of finger. You are small number as possible, and, for prevention close to congestion reducing in shop, please enter. Please cooperate to have you leave interval enough in the shop (cash register in particular and escalator).

We feel relieved, and customer seems to be able to use lever
We carry out infection preventive approach as follows.

Mask wearing of health care (thermometry)/employee of enforcement/employee of gargle, hand-washing of sanitization, disinfection/employee in ventilation/shop in shop