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INFORMATION | 2019.11.29
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Seminar room "PLAYatré Lab" opened in B1F.

PLAYatré Lab becomes space that can hold various seminars or meetings.

Please use to the use use of customer.

■Facility summary

・Opening time: 10:00-18:00

・Charge: 3,000 yen (tax-included)/one hour ※On the day please pay fee in the field.

      ※Cancellation fee: Only as for the cancellation on that day, it is the charge total amount

・Capacity: 20 people

・Rental equipment: Desk/chair/power supply

・Area: About 30㎡



1.The room is non-smoking. In addition, and alcohol cannot eat.

2.Business and invitation activity are not possible.

3.In use, time for preparations, clearing is included between.

4.Common use space of passage or in front of entrance, please calmly.

5.You use fire, and please stop setting, use of special facilities (acoustic equipment of megavolume).

6.There is not issuance of parking service ticket.

7.We ask you to take garbage which occurred during facility use home.

8.Please perform setting such as chair, desk in you. After use, I would like the current situation recovery.

9.When damage occurs, please connect with "PLAYatré Tsuchiura sales department". As it becomes the actual expenses compensation, please understand.

10.We cannot apply for antisocial power such as gangs.

11.Please refrain from the use for the purpose of meetings to be similar to religious group, thought group, political organization or this.

12.On the day we are going to use, and the total amount demands amount of money when we are canceled without permission.

※When we perform act to give nuisance to case and another person who cannot look after the verboten mentioned above during use of PLAYatré laboratory,

We may have to cancel use on the spot.

In that case, revenge such as the fee for use is not possible.

In addition, I may decline about the future use.

■Reference: PLAYatré Tsuchiura sales department TEL: 029-835-3000 (weekdays: at 10:00 ...


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